The Groom, Bloke Or Dude?

Name: Vincent Cheng Kim Loong

Getting Married at: 30 Years Old

What Does He Do: Web Developer and Online Marketing Trainer

Why he wants to marry the Bride, Joanne: Jo has a patience beyond the norm, and Vince, the Bloke has an extreme patience testing mechanism!!! LOL

Where Did This Bloke Come From?

Born in University Hospital, and bred in Kampung Pandan, and shifted to Cheras, because of Church in Charis Christian Center and to be close with his family

Brothers? Sisters? Parents?

Dad is Lawrence (Aeronautical Engineer), Mum is Ann (retired housewife), Sis is Shirley (Health Coach), Bro-in-Law is Danny (Interior Designer) and of course, Nephew is Shane Liang (Primary School Standard 1 Student) and Niece is Kate Liang (the loudest toddler you can ever get!!! Muahahahha)

That's all for now. You can email him if you wanna know more (not that you want to, hahahaha!) unless you wanna learn how to make some money through the Internet.



Vincent - The Groom or the Dude, if you like..


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