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An Life-Giving Experience

posted by Joanne

It has been a month since Victoria (Vicky in short) was born.  I choose that name because Vince mention that if we get a boy, he wants to name him Joseph; so I thought if boy his name starts with “J”, then if girl her name should start with “V”.

Life has not been the same since she was born and I know that it will never be the same from then on.  Night feedings, diaper changing, lack of sleep, more responsibilities and logistics yet being a mother is fulfilling.

We were supposed to watch Transfomers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen on the morning of 22 June 09, however our precious daughter has something else in mind.  She decided to come into this world.  It started with bloody show at 1am.  Vince and I then deliberated if we should go to the hospital as I read in some books that some women has bloody show days before labor actually starts.  We tried to go to sleep but couldn’t and by 2.45am, we were at the hospital.

My water bag broke at 3am and were checked by the doctor at 3.10am, I was strapped to some device that monitors contraction.  The doctor said my contractions were pretty strong, yet I didn’t feel any pain.  At that time I was dilated 1cm and the doctor applied some cream to help me dilated faster and then she said I am dilated 2cm.  She went on to explain that for first delivery, the dilation is usually 1cm per hour and so I was admitted (there goes Transformers 2).  They will check me after 4 hours to see the progress of the dilation.  Vince left the hospital after making sure that I had settle down; poor thing he wanted to stay but I was on the shared ward so no one was allowed to stay over.

I hardly slept that night, being in a foreign environment and babies crying occasionally and by 7am they were serving breakfast and changing the sheets.  The doctor checked me at 7.30am and said I am at 3cm and that they will move me to the 1st stage ward where I will be monitored.  Husbands are not allowed to be there only at the labor room and only after I am dilated 7cm that they will transfer me there.  Vince came at 8am to check on me and I told him that since he can’t be with me, he might as well go home to get more rest or watch Transformers 2.

At the 1st stage ward, a procedure called enema was done to empty my bowel after which I was strapped to the same device that monitors my contractions and this time a second device that monitors my baby’s heart beat.  On my left hand, they then put on drips and induce me to hasten the dilation and on my right was the blood pressure thingy that will automatically take my pressure at intervals.  After settling down, I tried to get some sleep listening to worship music but I didn’t get any sleep.  A doctor came to look at my records and ask if I want epidural, I said no as I didn’t have much pain then.  The pain started at about 11.30am, it was pretty intense.  I endured it until 12noon and told myself if I am near to delivering the baby then I will not take epidural.  When the doctor checked, I was still 3cm and I told her immediately I want epidural.  I had no choice, I don’t know how long it will take me to be fully dilated and by then I had not slept for more than 24 hours.  So I had to take it to get some rest if not I won’t have any energy to push!

The anesthetist only came at about 12.30pm to administer the epidural.  Then the pain was gone and I was able to sleep.  Slowly by surely while asleep, I felt the pain returning.  The nurse told me if you can feel pain means you are dilating and she checked, I was dilated to 7cm (thank God).  It was 2.45pm and she said they will wheel me to the labor room.  At last!  Vince is able to be with me.  All this while we were communicating via handphone.

At 6pm still 7cm, feel like forever and the contractions are getting more and more intensed and closer together.  The epidural finished and we requested for another dose but it didn’t work anymore.  They mention that as the labor progresses nearer to delivery, the epidural will not have any effect.  So just have to endure the contraction pain.  On the wall was the metre that shows the fetal heart beat and also the treashold of the contraction pain and when Vince see the number going up, he knows I am in pain.

They checked me at 8pm and I am about 9cm dilated, they mention that full dilation is 10cm but if I feel the urge to push to let them know.  I was getting frustrated by the slow dilation and not really sure if I really felt the urge to push when the contraction came because this time when I the contraction came, I would feel the urge but not at the next contraction.  Well, I am not sure what time it was but I felt I couldn’t take it any longer and want to try to push.  So the doctors came in to deliver Vicky and we had trainees (delivered her at HUKM) in the labor room watching the birth of my child.  Vince was a good coach, it helps that husbands or a loved one being allowed in the labor room.

By then, I was extremely tired, having only a couple of hours of sleep and enduring the pain, I tried to push and push yet I failed to push her out.  I was suppose to take deep breaths and push but I felt I couldn’t take in deep enough breath to push like my lungs capacity to take in oxygen has dropped.  In the end, they had to help deliver her via vacuum.  So Vicky was born at 9:03pm and she weighed 3.13kg.  The doctors placed her on my tummy immediately after she was born as they went on to cut her umbilical cord and I heard one of the doctors say, “eh, she is not crying” then took her away to check on her.  I felt like it was my fault and could only pray that she will be alright.  Was on the verge of crying and Vince kept saying God will take care of her.  We didn’t really hear her cry but she was breathing.  Vince was asked to wait outside while they finish the procedures.

After they cleaned her, they placed her beside my bed while they help deliver my placenta and stitch me up.  Goodness the stitching felt like forever, the doctor was doing the stitching while two trainees stood and watch.  She jab me with anethastic before stitching but halfway thru it wear off and I could feel the needle and thread.  Couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Tried to take my mind away by looking at Vicky and they took so long that Vince came in to check if all was ok and was asked to wait outside again.  Poor daddy.

After all the ordeal, we were back at the ward at 11.30pm as the doctors wanted to observe Vicky because she was a bit pale.  It was indeed an experience that test women’s strength and endurance.  An experience which men will never get to experience; bringing forth life into this world, a miracle by itself and gift from God.


A Cause To Save The Unwanted and Abandoned

posted by Joanne

Dear Dog Lovers,

If you were to remember the post about the 300 stray dogs from Pulau Ketam which are being dumped to nearby deserted island, I have decided that every sale of my 7 volume mini-series e-book priced at USD27, USD15 will be donated to Furry Friends Farm to aid them in their rescue mission to save the dogs.

The mini-series consist of information for every dog owner and lover learn more about their best friend and bond with them through training session.  Below are the contents of the mini-series:

- Choosing The Right Breed
- Communicating With Your Dog
- Tall Tail Signs Of What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You
- Training Methods And Tools
- Housetraining Your Dog
- Basic Obedience Training
- Intermediate Obedience Training
- Hand Signals Training

Many owners think that it is a chore to train their dogs as it require time and perseverance, however a trained dog is a happy dog and the best trainer for your dog is YOU.

To read what owners have to say about “Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series”, visit  To purchase a set for yourself, scroll down the page and click the Buy Now button.

Do consider purchasing the Mini-Series as you will not only have a stronger bond with your best friend after reading the book, you will also be helping other unfortunate dogs to have a second chance in life.

Thank you for your support.

Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series


A Plight For Stray Dogs From Pulau Ketam

posted by Joanne

It is beyond me how humans can be such cruel creatues to treat God’s creation in this manner.  There must be other ways to solve the stray population instead of having to just dump them aside for them to fend for themselves.

Please click on this link or the picture to read the FULL STORY.

For updates click HERE.


Approaching Motherhood

posted by Joanne

26 weeks ago - missed period and positive result on 2 pregnancy test brought Vince and I to Pantai Cheras to visit a gynae his sister visited when she was pregnant.  He confirmed our 6 weeks pregnancy and thus my journey to motherhood begins.  I am now 32 weeks pregnant.

Vince has always wanted kids and indeed he started his quest immediately after the wedding and 3 months after, his hopes and dreams are coming true.  We have not even gone to a proper honeymoon.  I wasn’t quite sure if we are ready, however no one is ever ready to be a parent, right and I do hope we had more time as husband and wife before we actually start a family.  Yet since God wants to bless us with a little one, we will accept and do our best to bring up the child.

We switched gynae when I was at 22 weeks after our first visit to a gynea, Dr Bedi in Kajang who has 4D ultrascan recommended by my cousin’s sister-in-law as I was looking for a gynae who has 4D ultrascan machine.  We switch to Dr Bedi not because he has a 4D ultrascan machine but we find him more friendly and approachable and so we are more comfortable with him.

Both gynaes have confirm that it is a girl.  We are a little disappointed as we wanted a boy, but everyone tells us that girl is good.  Well, as long as the baby is healthy, boy or girl, still our child, will accept God’s gift, move on and try again.  We are sure that He has His plans for her and for us as well.

I have put on like 12kg since from 48kg to 60kg.  Just compare the pictures below before pregnancy and now.  My family and friends say that I look better as I my face don’t look so sunken.  Yet I can’t help but feel like Humpy Dumpy even though I enjoy the pregnancy.  I have an easy pregnancy (thank God for that), I do not experience terrible nausea nor have weird cravings.

Pre-PregnancyPregnant for 32 WeeksPre-PregnancyPregnant for 32 Weeks

We received a book, Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize as a wedding gift and I hope I would be able to experience childbirth as how God intended women to experience childbirth.  As stated in the book, to experience supernatural childbirth, you need to have faith that God wants you to have a pleasant childbirth experience and so this is a test of faith for me if I believe that God will let me have this wonderful experience, by His grace.


Marley & Me on Valentine’s Day

posted by Joanne

Ah….A Dog movie.  I have been waiting for this movie since it’s opening in US on Christmas Day.  Here in Malaysia, the movie will only be shown from 5 March.  However GSC had a Valentine’s Day Special Package where it starts with a 5 course dinner and then the screening of Marley & Me in their Gold Class Cinema.

This is a real treat as it is also our 2nd Anniversary in terms of being legally (we registered our marriage legally on 14 February 07) married, it is also the first time we watch a movie in the Gold Class Cinema.  The cinema is comfortable with only about 24 seats (12 couples) so you can image the amount of space we have between the next seat.  The seat are individual sofa where you are able to lie down and watch the movie, they also provide you with a blanket where you can keep yourself warm.  Gold Class Cinema standard is like flying first class in an airplane.  Each ticket cost RM60 on normal occassion, the Valentine’s Day Special Package cost us RM180, which includes a door gift , 5 course dinner for 2 and 2 Gold Class tickets to watch Marley & Me.  All in all, it was all worth it.

Vince & Jo at Gold Class Cinema

Thanks Vince for a romantic evening.

Just would like to include the trailer of Marley & Me which still tickles me no matter how many times I watch it.

Vince and I attended the 2008 International Ozone Day on 7 September 2008 held at National Science Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The event is being organized by Top-Ozone Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.  Their products are UV-Ozone Food Sterilizer and UV-Ozone Air Sterilizer.

The event was graced by many local artists and the most prominent is Zainal Abidin.  He is very supportive with anything to do with Mother Nature, his most famous song is “Hijau” which is “Green” in English.  The song is originally in Bahasa and he intends to translate it to English, Mandarin and who knows Tamil, and he is looking for translators to help him with the translation.

He almost didn’t make it for the event as he was in Spain for another event, he came immediately after touching down from Spain.  We had the priviledge to hear him perform “Hijau” live and he also performed “Kau Di Hatiku” the Bahasa version of “You’ll Be In My Heart” from the movie Tarzan.

I was thrilled that I got to take a photo with him, Vince was the cameraman as he wasn’t bothered to want to be in the picture.  So this is how the picture came to……

Zainal Abidin & Jo


A Weekend of Self-Discovery

posted by Joanne

We attended 2 different seminars 5 days in a row……2 days with Action Coach and 3 days with Money Mastery.

I have about 10 years of working experience and I remember the torturing feeling of having to wake up everyday and do the things I don’t like to do.  I am from Secretarial background but I think there is an Entrepreneur inside of me which was waiting to be discovered and Vince has helped ignite that part of me.

Through these seminars, I learned about not only how to make money, I learned about myself as well especially at the Money Mastery boot camp.  We had a lot of activities, all with lessons to learn.  They help us to discover our passion but I already know what my passion is - working with dogs and bring more people to God’s kingdom.

It is August and who I am today is not who I was last year in terms of how my mind thinks.  My mind is exploding with ideas on what to do, I just need to find the right people to help me do it.  I have to sit myself down and do mind mapping, put all my ideas down and to stay focus.

I have big dreams and am looking forward to achieving them, now I will work on them taking one step at a time to learn and develop myself but most of all is to enjoy that process of development and have fun doing what I do.

My dream is to own a building dedicated to dogs.  This building will have all the facilities to meet the needs of dogs and dog owners - everything you need under one roof; dog training, dog grooming, dog cafe where owners can bring their dogs along to have a meal and meet other dog owners, vet, dog emporium and hotel for dogs.

It may seem to some people that it is just another pet shop, well, I do not plan to sell dogs instead I will encourage people to adopt dogs so I will work with animal shelters for us to train their dogs before putting them up for adoption, I believe in this way it will encourage people to adopt a well trained dog from the shelter rather than to buy a dog right from a pet shop which does not have any training.  The training facility will not be limited to just obedience training and agility training, I want to go beyond that to provide dog owners the option or solution to have their dog trained as a security, therapy dog, service dog, etc.

Anyone who share this dream or would like to be apart of this can contact me at, I hope to hear from you.


2008 International Ozone Day - 7 September

posted by Joanne

Last month we attended a press conference for the upcoming “2008 International Ozone Day” which will be held at the National Science Centre, Malaysia on 7 September from 8.30am to 6.00pm.  We were given a pair of recycleable chopsticks curtosy of “Lohas” where you can carry it in your pocket/handbag and so instead of using the disposable bamboo chopsticks, we are encouraged to use this recyceable chopsticks so reduce the use of disposable chopsticks and so save the trees from being chopped down.

Recycle Chopsticks by Lohas

Celebraties who supports this events are like Zainal Abidin, Suki (winner of One in a Million), etc.  One group that caught everyone’s attention was called “Stomp”, there is a group from United States as well, however this group are “Buatan Malaysia”.  Stomp consist of a band of 5 team members who make music using everyday items eg. plastic drum, plastic paint container, metal food container, metal bucket and mineral plastic bottle.

Recycle Band

The event is being organized by Top-Ozone in partnership with the Malaysia National Science Centre.  There will be activities and competitions organized for children.  It will be a day where family not only spend time together, it is also educational as adults and children can learn the benefits of recycling.

Save Mother Nature

We hope to see you there, remember……

Event : 2008 International Ozone Day
Date/Day :  7 September 08, Sunday
Time : 8.30am - 6pm
Venue : National Science Centre
Theme : Save The Ozone Layer - Save Our Children


Lights, Camera……and……Action!

posted by Joanne

This was what we heard the whole day today.

We had our 2nd shooting session for our reality show today.  Our first being last week, a short 1 hour session at Tai Thong, SS2 where we met up with our backdrop designer to discuss on the design of the backdrop for our wedding banquet.

It was a looonnngggg and tiring day for us.  We shot at 3 different location;

First at our wedding gown designer, Neoromantic Bridal located at SS2, Petaling Jaya where we shot my gown fitting and collection.

Second was at TOM Collection, also at SS2 where earlier last month we had our pre-wedding photography and today was to collect our photo album, frame picture, DVD and other stuff.  They also shot the car decoration process where TOM has generously sponsored us their 2-seater Vintage Car, so Vince will have to play the role of a driver too on our wedding day……hahahaha.

Our third location, was at a recording studio in Kepong where Vince is to do a song recording.  Yes, he is singing a song though he will be performing live at our wedding banquet.  A friend of mine who recently opened a recording studio, 12 Hr Studio helped us produce the minus one and so the director of Hot Screen wanted to do a shooting on Vince doing the recording.  So at this location, I had to like hide away from the camera…….hehehe.

It was a fun experience for us as we feel like we are some super star doing a movie.  The tough part was the language and they had no script for us to read.  We had to be spontaneous and creative to make up our dialogue and they prefer us to speak in Bahasa Melayu which is not our main communication medium (what’s worst was I failed my Form 5 Bahasa Melayu oral exam, no kidding)  Thankfully they allow us to mix English in and also Vince did most of the talking (he is always so proud of his Melayu for he was formally from Kg. Pandan).

Well, we have another session tomorrow, this time they want to interview us on what we do for a living and how we met, bla bla bla…….My parents and in-laws are freaking out because they will be interviewed too and they, like me is poor when it comes to speaking the Bahasa Melayu language.

Anyways, It was truly an experience of a lifetime for us when we are not “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”, yet we have the sweet memories of being flimed and act when the director shouts “Lights, Camera…..and…..Action!”…..He better not forget to say “CUT!” If not, we will be filming the whole day through.


One More Week To The BIG DAY

posted by Joanne

Whow!  Time really flies!  We started planning in detail our wedding just 2 months ago and now we are one week away to our wedding.  There is still so much to do.  I hope I will be able to complete the stuff.

We didn’t engage a wedding planner and so at times we will end up in argument due stuff cropping up which adds to additional expanses.  Our mistake was we didn’t really list it all down.

Because we were super busy the past two weeks, having to balance business and projects, we have limited time to really sit down and plan the wedding.  We just did what came to our mind and fit it to our schedule and since I have completed my part on the projects, I told Vince that I need this full week to look into the wedding to make sure that all is in place.

I will try to make time to blog about the preparation and the happenings around it.

Till I can find the time……