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A Plight For Stray Dogs From Pulau Ketam

posted by Joanne

It is beyond me how humans can be such cruel creatues to treat God’s creation in this manner.  There must be other ways to solve the stray population instead of having to just dump them aside for them to fend for themselves.

Please click on this link or the picture to read the FULL STORY.

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Marley & Me on Valentine’s Day

posted by Joanne

Ah….A Dog movie.  I have been waiting for this movie since it’s opening in US on Christmas Day.  Here in Malaysia, the movie will only be shown from 5 March.  However GSC had a Valentine’s Day Special Package where it starts with a 5 course dinner and then the screening of Marley & Me in their Gold Class Cinema.

This is a real treat as it is also our 2nd Anniversary in terms of being legally (we registered our marriage legally on 14 February 07) married, it is also the first time we watch a movie in the Gold Class Cinema.  The cinema is comfortable with only about 24 seats (12 couples) so you can image the amount of space we have between the next seat.  The seat are individual sofa where you are able to lie down and watch the movie, they also provide you with a blanket where you can keep yourself warm.  Gold Class Cinema standard is like flying first class in an airplane.  Each ticket cost RM60 on normal occassion, the Valentine’s Day Special Package cost us RM180, which includes a door gift , 5 course dinner for 2 and 2 Gold Class tickets to watch Marley & Me.  All in all, it was all worth it.

Vince & Jo at Gold Class Cinema

Thanks Vince for a romantic evening.

Just would like to include the trailer of Marley & Me which still tickles me no matter how many times I watch it.


A Weekend of Self-Discovery

posted by Joanne

We attended 2 different seminars 5 days in a row……2 days with Action Coach and 3 days with Money Mastery.

I have about 10 years of working experience and I remember the torturing feeling of having to wake up everyday and do the things I don’t like to do.  I am from Secretarial background but I think there is an Entrepreneur inside of me which was waiting to be discovered and Vince has helped ignite that part of me.

Through these seminars, I learned about not only how to make money, I learned about myself as well especially at the Money Mastery boot camp.  We had a lot of activities, all with lessons to learn.  They help us to discover our passion but I already know what my passion is - working with dogs and bring more people to God’s kingdom.

It is August and who I am today is not who I was last year in terms of how my mind thinks.  My mind is exploding with ideas on what to do, I just need to find the right people to help me do it.  I have to sit myself down and do mind mapping, put all my ideas down and to stay focus.

I have big dreams and am looking forward to achieving them, now I will work on them taking one step at a time to learn and develop myself but most of all is to enjoy that process of development and have fun doing what I do.

My dream is to own a building dedicated to dogs.  This building will have all the facilities to meet the needs of dogs and dog owners - everything you need under one roof; dog training, dog grooming, dog cafe where owners can bring their dogs along to have a meal and meet other dog owners, vet, dog emporium and hotel for dogs.

It may seem to some people that it is just another pet shop, well, I do not plan to sell dogs instead I will encourage people to adopt dogs so I will work with animal shelters for us to train their dogs before putting them up for adoption, I believe in this way it will encourage people to adopt a well trained dog from the shelter rather than to buy a dog right from a pet shop which does not have any training.  The training facility will not be limited to just obedience training and agility training, I want to go beyond that to provide dog owners the option or solution to have their dog trained as a security, therapy dog, service dog, etc.

Anyone who share this dream or would like to be apart of this can contact me at, I hope to hear from you.


Wall-E, Movie By Disney & Pixar

posted by Joanne

Wall.E - Disney, Pixar

If I were in US, I would have watched this movie by Disney and Pixar last month.  Unfortunately I am in this part of the world where the movie will only be released on 7 August.  Fuyoh!  Even though it is 2 days before my wedding I told Vince I want to be one of the 1st to watch the movie.

As per my previous post, we went around looking for Wall-E’s mock up so I could take a shot with him and I found him and not only him but Eve, his girlfriend as well.  They were at Sunway Pyramid!

Wall.E and Jo

Vince, Jo, Wall.E and Eve

Wall-E teaches us a thing or two about love……

Love lessons from Wall.E

He even carved on the bench we were sitting on this inscription……

Wall.E and Eve love declaration.


UnVeilinGlory Seminar - Cat & Dog Theology

posted by Joanne

Cat & Dog Theology

UnveilinGLORY Seminar which is based on Cat & Dog Theology, a book by Bob Sjogren was presented by Rev George Ong from Singapore.  The seminar was hosted by Canaan Church in Sri Hartamas on 5 & 6 July.

The seminar is based on a simple joke about the difference between a cat and a dog which helps you see the differences between “us living for God (Theology)” versus “God living for us (Meology)”.  It helps Christians to see that majority of what we’ve learn is not incorrect, but it is incomplete!

The speaker, Rev George Ong is a certified trainer of UnveilinGLORY Seminar.  To date, he has written 12 humour books (see below) which have been very well received by both the young and old.

Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 1 and 2.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 3 and 4.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 5 and 6.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 7 and 8.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 9 and 10.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 11 and 12.

He sells these books to support his own ministry so if you are insterested to purchase them, you can write to him at

My personal view

It was very interesting to know how a cat and a dog think of its owner and it illustrates clearly how we ourselves position God in our lives.  All of us are usually a mix of a cat and a dog, at different times.  The question is at most of the time, are we more cat or dog?  If we are cats, we treat God as the Almighty who are here to serve us and answer all our prayers; if we are dogs, our ultimate aim is to glorify God in all that we do and because of His blessings for us, we go out to be life-giving and bless other people.

Even though the seminar was conducted in the afternoon which is the most sleepy time of the day, Rev George was so funny it was nearly impossible to fall asleep.  We had fun listening to him as he will just slot in jokes and he does it so smoothly, it hits you without you realizing it.

We almost missed it, we picked up the flyer at Salvation 2 days before.  We are glad that the Lord called us to attend the seminar.  He will be back in Malaysia sometime next month so if you are interested to attend his seminar, drop him a mail at

Pastor George is a funny man.

Vince & I with Rev George Ong - Even when we asked him if we can take a picture with him he said “Are you sure your camera can fit me?”  He said it with a straight face which makes it even funnier.

Lord, help us to practice “Theology” and not “Meology”.  Send your spirit upon us to keep us in check so that whatever we do, we will glorify you and not for our own glory.  Also help us recognise opportunities that come our way where we can glorify Your Holy Name, help us to be a blessing to others with the blessings you have given us.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity to learn more about your purpose for our lives.  May our lives reflect your glory.  Amen.


Monster Inc Scully And Mike

posted by Joanne

Vince and I went to Ikea in Mutiara Damansara to buy candles and ribbons for our wedding.

At the same time, we were at Cineleisure scouting around for the mock up of Wall-E (upcoming movie by Disney and Pixar) but he wasn’t anywhere to be found, instead we came across this two fellas and I can’t help but have to take a picture with them, hehehe….

Scully, Mike & Jo

We hope to find Wall-E so I can can take a picture with him, do let me know if you seen him.