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Wall-E, Movie By Disney & Pixar

posted by Joanne

Wall.E - Disney, Pixar

If I were in US, I would have watched this movie by Disney and Pixar last month.  Unfortunately I am in this part of the world where the movie will only be released on 7 August.  Fuyoh!  Even though it is 2 days before my wedding I told Vince I want to be one of the 1st to watch the movie.

As per my previous post, we went around looking for Wall-E’s mock up so I could take a shot with him and I found him and not only him but Eve, his girlfriend as well.  They were at Sunway Pyramid!

Wall.E and Jo

Vince, Jo, Wall.E and Eve

Wall-E teaches us a thing or two about love……

Love lessons from Wall.E

He even carved on the bench we were sitting on this inscription……

Wall.E and Eve love declaration.


Johor MIRC Roadshow

posted by Joanne

Vince and I are in Johor for MIRC Roadshow representing XTrain to promote and educate the people in Johor about Internet Marketing.  We arrived yesterday and will be heading back to KL tonight.

We sat at the 2nd last seat from the back and as we were getting down from the bus when we arrived in JB, Vince spotted a note on one of the seat.  Vince said while pointing ”Jo, got money on the seat. Pick it up”.  At first I couldn’t see the note as the seat was blue in color, I was just expecting a mere RM1 or RM10 but God suprised and blessed us with a RM50 note (now you know why I couldn’t spot it at first glance).  We used the money almost immediately to buy our return ticket back to KL (God answered Vince’s prayer to provide for my travelling expenses as he can claim his expenses from XTrain).

After checking in to the hotel (we stayed in Mutiara Johor Bahru), we went out for dinner looking for the “Lok Lok” van, unfortunately he didn’t show up.  We hope to be able to locate him the next time round and perhaps go for stemboat porridge too.  While loafing around Pelangi area, we came across a uniquely decorated  ”mini minor”.  Vince took some pictures with his PDA phone.  This is how the car looks like, would be so cute if we use this as our wedding car, hehehe.

Doggy Mini Minor.

Doggy Mini Minor side view.

So, it is only less than 2 hours till our bus ride, going to zzzzz in the bus and back to the hustle and bustle of KL.  Some things are cheap here in JB, we bought some DVDs at RM5/DVD with buy 5 free 1 bundle and manage to find a shop that sells Wii games at RM5/game, how cool is that.

I hope that on our next trip to JB, we get to drop by Singapore even if just to set foot there and back so I can get my newly renewed passport stamped so not to renew my passport JUST for show.  Hope to make use of my new passport more than my previous which I only used ONCE in that 5 years of owning it (kinda sad, means I hardly travel).  Though am looking forward to trips overseas in the future with Vince.