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Approaching Motherhood

posted by Joanne

26 weeks ago - missed period and positive result on 2 pregnancy test brought Vince and I to Pantai Cheras to visit a gynae his sister visited when she was pregnant.  He confirmed our 6 weeks pregnancy and thus my journey to motherhood begins.  I am now 32 weeks pregnant.

Vince has always wanted kids and indeed he started his quest immediately after the wedding and 3 months after, his hopes and dreams are coming true.  We have not even gone to a proper honeymoon.  I wasn’t quite sure if we are ready, however no one is ever ready to be a parent, right and I do hope we had more time as husband and wife before we actually start a family.  Yet since God wants to bless us with a little one, we will accept and do our best to bring up the child.

We switched gynae when I was at 22 weeks after our first visit to a gynea, Dr Bedi in Kajang who has 4D ultrascan recommended by my cousin’s sister-in-law as I was looking for a gynae who has 4D ultrascan machine.  We switch to Dr Bedi not because he has a 4D ultrascan machine but we find him more friendly and approachable and so we are more comfortable with him.

Both gynaes have confirm that it is a girl.  We are a little disappointed as we wanted a boy, but everyone tells us that girl is good.  Well, as long as the baby is healthy, boy or girl, still our child, will accept God’s gift, move on and try again.  We are sure that He has His plans for her and for us as well.

I have put on like 12kg since from 48kg to 60kg.  Just compare the pictures below before pregnancy and now.  My family and friends say that I look better as I my face don’t look so sunken.  Yet I can’t help but feel like Humpy Dumpy even though I enjoy the pregnancy.  I have an easy pregnancy (thank God for that), I do not experience terrible nausea nor have weird cravings.

Pre-PregnancyPregnant for 32 WeeksPre-PregnancyPregnant for 32 Weeks

We received a book, Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize as a wedding gift and I hope I would be able to experience childbirth as how God intended women to experience childbirth.  As stated in the book, to experience supernatural childbirth, you need to have faith that God wants you to have a pleasant childbirth experience and so this is a test of faith for me if I believe that God will let me have this wonderful experience, by His grace.


UnVeilinGlory Seminar - Cat & Dog Theology

posted by Joanne

Cat & Dog Theology

UnveilinGLORY Seminar which is based on Cat & Dog Theology, a book by Bob Sjogren was presented by Rev George Ong from Singapore.  The seminar was hosted by Canaan Church in Sri Hartamas on 5 & 6 July.

The seminar is based on a simple joke about the difference between a cat and a dog which helps you see the differences between “us living for God (Theology)” versus “God living for us (Meology)”.  It helps Christians to see that majority of what we’ve learn is not incorrect, but it is incomplete!

The speaker, Rev George Ong is a certified trainer of UnveilinGLORY Seminar.  To date, he has written 12 humour books (see below) which have been very well received by both the young and old.

Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 1 and 2.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 3 and 4.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 5 and 6.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 7 and 8.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 9 and 10.Humour Books by Rev. George Ong, Vol 11 and 12.

He sells these books to support his own ministry so if you are insterested to purchase them, you can write to him at

My personal view

It was very interesting to know how a cat and a dog think of its owner and it illustrates clearly how we ourselves position God in our lives.  All of us are usually a mix of a cat and a dog, at different times.  The question is at most of the time, are we more cat or dog?  If we are cats, we treat God as the Almighty who are here to serve us and answer all our prayers; if we are dogs, our ultimate aim is to glorify God in all that we do and because of His blessings for us, we go out to be life-giving and bless other people.

Even though the seminar was conducted in the afternoon which is the most sleepy time of the day, Rev George was so funny it was nearly impossible to fall asleep.  We had fun listening to him as he will just slot in jokes and he does it so smoothly, it hits you without you realizing it.

We almost missed it, we picked up the flyer at Salvation 2 days before.  We are glad that the Lord called us to attend the seminar.  He will be back in Malaysia sometime next month so if you are interested to attend his seminar, drop him a mail at

Pastor George is a funny man.

Vince & I with Rev George Ong - Even when we asked him if we can take a picture with him he said “Are you sure your camera can fit me?”  He said it with a straight face which makes it even funnier.

Lord, help us to practice “Theology” and not “Meology”.  Send your spirit upon us to keep us in check so that whatever we do, we will glorify you and not for our own glory.  Also help us recognise opportunities that come our way where we can glorify Your Holy Name, help us to be a blessing to others with the blessings you have given us.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity to learn more about your purpose for our lives.  May our lives reflect your glory.  Amen.


The Time Has Come

posted by Joanne

It is only less than 2 months to our wedding and we have just started putting our plan into action.  I wanted to start the planning much much earlier but Vince said it wasn’t time yet, he promised we would start in June.  I just had to wait PATIENTLY……and now we have to cram the organizing of our BIG day into our busy schedule.

Having to find time to work, play and plan for the wedding is not easy.  If only he had listened to me about setting up the website beginning of the year, we would have completed it months before leaving us more time to focus on other things.  I hope we will not over look anything thing especially those tiny details which we are not aware of.

As of now, the only important stuff we have yet to do is to get our invitation cards printed (yes, it is so last minute though we can still meet our deadline as we found out it takes less than a week to print it).  We have booked the church, the lunch reception and dinner banquet.  Initially, we wanted a simple wedding and though it is STILL going to be simple, as a bride, there sure is a longing for the wedding to be special and I KNOW it is going to be because God has planned it for us such.

God’s timing is PERFECT.  Some of you might know that the wedding WAS supposed to be held last year and we postponed it due to circumstances knowing (my faith was tested and I learned to trust in God) it was not the RIGHT time for it to happen.  God has a different plan and it was for it to take place this year.  Because of that, I know it will be an event that I will NOT forget.  The Lord is unfolding and fulfilling our desires for that SPECIAL day which will mark a NEW BEGINNING of His master plan for our lives.

I am looking forward to the little suprises that He has in store for us as we put our trust in Him.