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Wall-E, Movie By Disney & Pixar

posted by Joanne

Wall.E - Disney, Pixar

If I were in US, I would have watched this movie by Disney and Pixar last month.  Unfortunately I am in this part of the world where the movie will only be released on 7 August.  Fuyoh!  Even though it is 2 days before my wedding I told Vince I want to be one of the 1st to watch the movie.

As per my previous post, we went around looking for Wall-E’s mock up so I could take a shot with him and I found him and not only him but Eve, his girlfriend as well.  They were at Sunway Pyramid!

Wall.E and Jo

Vince, Jo, Wall.E and Eve

Wall-E teaches us a thing or two about love……

Love lessons from Wall.E

He even carved on the bench we were sitting on this inscription……

Wall.E and Eve love declaration.


The Time Has Come

posted by Joanne

It is only less than 2 months to our wedding and we have just started putting our plan into action.  I wanted to start the planning much much earlier but Vince said it wasn’t time yet, he promised we would start in June.  I just had to wait PATIENTLY……and now we have to cram the organizing of our BIG day into our busy schedule.

Having to find time to work, play and plan for the wedding is not easy.  If only he had listened to me about setting up the website beginning of the year, we would have completed it months before leaving us more time to focus on other things.  I hope we will not over look anything thing especially those tiny details which we are not aware of.

As of now, the only important stuff we have yet to do is to get our invitation cards printed (yes, it is so last minute though we can still meet our deadline as we found out it takes less than a week to print it).  We have booked the church, the lunch reception and dinner banquet.  Initially, we wanted a simple wedding and though it is STILL going to be simple, as a bride, there sure is a longing for the wedding to be special and I KNOW it is going to be because God has planned it for us such.

God’s timing is PERFECT.  Some of you might know that the wedding WAS supposed to be held last year and we postponed it due to circumstances knowing (my faith was tested and I learned to trust in God) it was not the RIGHT time for it to happen.  God has a different plan and it was for it to take place this year.  Because of that, I know it will be an event that I will NOT forget.  The Lord is unfolding and fulfilling our desires for that SPECIAL day which will mark a NEW BEGINNING of His master plan for our lives.

I am looking forward to the little suprises that He has in store for us as we put our trust in Him.