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Invitation Cards Printed

posted by Joanne

Our cards have been printed!  I collected it last Friday and the printers asked me for permission to display our cards at their shop as part of their work sample, I said “SURE! Go ahead” it is an honor.  Because we designed the cards ourselves; it not only is unique, it also represents us.

This is how our cards look like

Our wedding invitation ceremony card. Our wedding banquet invitation card

The details of our cards are on display at our website for our guest viewing only.  So to our relatives and friends, in the weeks to come, we may either meet up with you to pass you our cards OR look out for the postman to receive our cards.

Please Mr. Postman

Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman
Wait Mister Postman

Please Mister Postman, look and see
(Oh yeah)
If there’s a card in your bag for me
(Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why’s it takin’ such a long time
(Oh yeah)
For me to hear from that friend of mine

There must be some word today
From my friend who’s getting hitched
Please Mister Postman, look and see
If there’s a card, a card for me……

I suggested to Vince that we set up a wedding wesite early this year but he wasn’t interested to invest the time to develop it.  2 months before the wedding; one evening he said “Jo, let’s develop a website for our wedding”.  Talk about doing things last minute, now not only we have to plan for the wedding; we have to find time to develop the website which could have been completed months before.

Neverthless, as of today, 24 June; our website is 80% completed and we are looking to launch the website officially on 1 July when we start distributing our invitation cards.  Most of the content is already in place; our profile, event information incorporated with Google maps, blog, contact us, guestbook and login for our guest so they can do an online RSVP.  What is lacking is the photo gallery which will then complete the website.

It is something to develop it all on your own in oppose to engaging a web designer to do it for you.  Though it may be more work when you DIY, the plus side is you are in control of how you want your website to look like not needing to just be contented with what the designers have done for you.  We can change the look and feel of our website anytime we want, we can add or remove any pages and decide where to put which menu all within our fingertips.  Of course I have the advantage of having technical support, being engaged to an IT Expert; if it is not for him, I would have what I have now in terms of knowledge and ownership of websites.  Thanks Vince, can’t do it without you *muaks* (Jo pecks Vince on his cheeks).

It is exciting to see the development progress of our website and we will be updating it even after our wedding so do drop by often and check us out.


Invitation Cards In Printing

posted by Joanne

We have finally went to the printers to print our cards on Friday.  The printers were accommodating and were willing to help us modify the measurement of the card to fit it to an A4 paper (3 cards to 1 A4 - save paper, save trees, save mother nature - unfortunately the cost is still the same).  They also did a test print for us to confirm the colors and give us an idea of how the card will look like after it has been printed (not many printers do this).

Although the restaurant is providing us with free invitation cards, we have decided to design our own as we didn’t fancy their red and gold themed cards. Our design is based on our website and dinner theme which is brown (the restaurant only had 3 choices of colors; pink, red (too common and simple - very ah lian) or brown (the best of 3).

The envelopes were bought from a wedding card stationery shop in Jalan Pudu and it cost us half the price comparered to if we were to buy it from the printers (save a little here and there adds up to a lot).  We will also print stickers of our website url which we will use to seal the envelopes (this is what we call branding *wink*).

It will take about a week for our cards to be printed and I am looking forward to seeing how it looks like. So exciting.

In case you want to know where we print our cards, below are their details.

Design & Print Enterprise
No 12A, Jalan Tiara 2C/KU 1
Bandar Baru Klang
41150 Klang

Tel/Fax:  603-3341 1628

Design & Print


The Time Has Come

posted by Joanne

It is only less than 2 months to our wedding and we have just started putting our plan into action.  I wanted to start the planning much much earlier but Vince said it wasn’t time yet, he promised we would start in June.  I just had to wait PATIENTLY……and now we have to cram the organizing of our BIG day into our busy schedule.

Having to find time to work, play and plan for the wedding is not easy.  If only he had listened to me about setting up the website beginning of the year, we would have completed it months before leaving us more time to focus on other things.  I hope we will not over look anything thing especially those tiny details which we are not aware of.

As of now, the only important stuff we have yet to do is to get our invitation cards printed (yes, it is so last minute though we can still meet our deadline as we found out it takes less than a week to print it).  We have booked the church, the lunch reception and dinner banquet.  Initially, we wanted a simple wedding and though it is STILL going to be simple, as a bride, there sure is a longing for the wedding to be special and I KNOW it is going to be because God has planned it for us such.

God’s timing is PERFECT.  Some of you might know that the wedding WAS supposed to be held last year and we postponed it due to circumstances knowing (my faith was tested and I learned to trust in God) it was not the RIGHT time for it to happen.  God has a different plan and it was for it to take place this year.  Because of that, I know it will be an event that I will NOT forget.  The Lord is unfolding and fulfilling our desires for that SPECIAL day which will mark a NEW BEGINNING of His master plan for our lives.

I am looking forward to the little suprises that He has in store for us as we put our trust in Him.