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One More Week To The BIG DAY

posted by Joanne

Whow!  Time really flies!  We started planning in detail our wedding just 2 months ago and now we are one week away to our wedding.  There is still so much to do.  I hope I will be able to complete the stuff.

We didn’t engage a wedding planner and so at times we will end up in argument due stuff cropping up which adds to additional expanses.  Our mistake was we didn’t really list it all down.

Because we were super busy the past two weeks, having to balance business and projects, we have limited time to really sit down and plan the wedding.  We just did what came to our mind and fit it to our schedule and since I have completed my part on the projects, I told Vince that I need this full week to look into the wedding to make sure that all is in place.

I will try to make time to blog about the preparation and the happenings around it.

Till I can find the time……


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