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A Cause To Save The Unwanted and Abandoned

posted by Joanne

Dear Dog Lovers,

If you were to remember the post about the 300 stray dogs from Pulau Ketam which are being dumped to nearby deserted island, I have decided that every sale of my 7 volume mini-series e-book priced at USD27, USD15 will be donated to Furry Friends Farm to aid them in their rescue mission to save the dogs.

The mini-series consist of information for every dog owner and lover learn more about their best friend and bond with them through training session.  Below are the contents of the mini-series:

- Choosing The Right Breed
- Communicating With Your Dog
- Tall Tail Signs Of What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You
- Training Methods And Tools
- Housetraining Your Dog
- Basic Obedience Training
- Intermediate Obedience Training
- Hand Signals Training

Many owners think that it is a chore to train their dogs as it require time and perseverance, however a trained dog is a happy dog and the best trainer for your dog is YOU.

To read what owners have to say about “Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series”, visit  To purchase a set for yourself, scroll down the page and click the Buy Now button.

Do consider purchasing the Mini-Series as you will not only have a stronger bond with your best friend after reading the book, you will also be helping other unfortunate dogs to have a second chance in life.

Thank you for your support.

Train Yourself To Train Your Dog Mini-Series

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