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A Weekend of Self-Discovery

posted by Joanne

We attended 2 different seminars 5 days in a row……2 days with Action Coach and 3 days with Money Mastery.

I have about 10 years of working experience and I remember the torturing feeling of having to wake up everyday and do the things I don’t like to do.  I am from Secretarial background but I think there is an Entrepreneur inside of me which was waiting to be discovered and Vince has helped ignite that part of me.

Through these seminars, I learned about not only how to make money, I learned about myself as well especially at the Money Mastery boot camp.  We had a lot of activities, all with lessons to learn.  They help us to discover our passion but I already know what my passion is - working with dogs and bring more people to God’s kingdom.

It is August and who I am today is not who I was last year in terms of how my mind thinks.  My mind is exploding with ideas on what to do, I just need to find the right people to help me do it.  I have to sit myself down and do mind mapping, put all my ideas down and to stay focus.

I have big dreams and am looking forward to achieving them, now I will work on them taking one step at a time to learn and develop myself but most of all is to enjoy that process of development and have fun doing what I do.

My dream is to own a building dedicated to dogs.  This building will have all the facilities to meet the needs of dogs and dog owners - everything you need under one roof; dog training, dog grooming, dog cafe where owners can bring their dogs along to have a meal and meet other dog owners, vet, dog emporium and hotel for dogs.

It may seem to some people that it is just another pet shop, well, I do not plan to sell dogs instead I will encourage people to adopt dogs so I will work with animal shelters for us to train their dogs before putting them up for adoption, I believe in this way it will encourage people to adopt a well trained dog from the shelter rather than to buy a dog right from a pet shop which does not have any training.  The training facility will not be limited to just obedience training and agility training, I want to go beyond that to provide dog owners the option or solution to have their dog trained as a security, therapy dog, service dog, etc.

Anyone who share this dream or would like to be apart of this can contact me at, I hope to hear from you.