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Lights, Camera……and……Action!

posted by Joanne

This was what we heard the whole day today.

We had our 2nd shooting session for our reality show today.  Our first being last week, a short 1 hour session at Tai Thong, SS2 where we met up with our backdrop designer to discuss on the design of the backdrop for our wedding banquet.

It was a looonnngggg and tiring day for us.  We shot at 3 different location;

First at our wedding gown designer, Neoromantic Bridal located at SS2, Petaling Jaya where we shot my gown fitting and collection.

Second was at TOM Collection, also at SS2 where earlier last month we had our pre-wedding photography and today was to collect our photo album, frame picture, DVD and other stuff.  They also shot the car decoration process where TOM has generously sponsored us their 2-seater Vintage Car, so Vince will have to play the role of a driver too on our wedding day……hahahaha.

Our third location, was at a recording studio in Kepong where Vince is to do a song recording.  Yes, he is singing a song though he will be performing live at our wedding banquet.  A friend of mine who recently opened a recording studio, 12 Hr Studio helped us produce the minus one and so the director of Hot Screen wanted to do a shooting on Vince doing the recording.  So at this location, I had to like hide away from the camera…….hehehe.

It was a fun experience for us as we feel like we are some super star doing a movie.  The tough part was the language and they had no script for us to read.  We had to be spontaneous and creative to make up our dialogue and they prefer us to speak in Bahasa Melayu which is not our main communication medium (what’s worst was I failed my Form 5 Bahasa Melayu oral exam, no kidding)  Thankfully they allow us to mix English in and also Vince did most of the talking (he is always so proud of his Melayu for he was formally from Kg. Pandan).

Well, we have another session tomorrow, this time they want to interview us on what we do for a living and how we met, bla bla bla…….My parents and in-laws are freaking out because they will be interviewed too and they, like me is poor when it comes to speaking the Bahasa Melayu language.

Anyways, It was truly an experience of a lifetime for us when we are not “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”, yet we have the sweet memories of being flimed and act when the director shouts “Lights, Camera…..and…..Action!”…..He better not forget to say “CUT!” If not, we will be filming the whole day through.